About East Florida Behavioral Health Network

Psychiatry and Mental Health Counseling Experts

EFBHN is a group of eight behavioral health centers that provide psychiatric care to patients in East and Southeast Florida with locations ranging from Fort Pierce to Coral Gables. Our clinics and centers are affiliated with HCA East Florida Hospitals.

Our team of Psychiatrists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Advance Practice Nurses (ARNP) and other mental health professionals understand that one out of every five individuals will experience a psychiatric disorder that disrupts their physical, social, family or spiritual life. With proper medical attention, emotional, and psychiatric support, most mental illnesses can be successfully treated. Whether it’s depression in a young adult, a sudden onset of confusion or paranoia in older adult or suicidal thoughts in an adolescent, we are here to help.

Our expert team provides a range of comprehensive behavioral health services including treatment of addictive disorders and mental health issues. From children to seniors, services are available in our outpatient clinic locations. If needed, we will also continue to oversee our patient’s care in more intensive programs in partnership with our affiliated HCA Hospitals, such as Intensive Outpatient Program, Partial Hospitalization Program and Acute Inpatient Admission. We will advocate and support our patients through a full continuum of treatment programs and provide the highest quality of mental health care and improved treatment outcomes.

Thank you for choosing East Florida Behavioral Health as your preferred mental health provider.

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